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Welcome to
Room by Design. 


What is
Room by Design

It is a budget-friendly, road map for those eager to do the legwork themselves and create their perfect space, guided by an an award winning interior designer.


Why Room by Design

I believe that good space positively impacts everyone’s lives. I know from personal experience how nurturing it is to fully complete even just one room in your home.  Plus, we all lead busy, demanding lives so what more important way to take care of yourself than by waking up to not only function but beauty.



About Room by Design

  • Room by Design is adaptable to the needs of each client: projects have ranged from studio apartments to a room or two, and we’ve even done entire homes.

  • Room by Design is perfect for clients who want to be actively involved in the design process and who want to guide the follow-through.

  • Each project is custom; no two are ever the same.

  • Theresa Casey personally leads the design process for every Room by Design project.

  • We pull from the same marketplace resources--from retail and "to the trade", from traditional to on-trend, quick-ship to one of a kind--as we do with our full-service clients.

Theresa Casey

Theresa Casey



What you'll provide…

Step 1 - Choose Your Room

To get the process started you’ll select your room, and complete the Design Questionnaire, all within the purchasing process.

Step 2 - Measurements, Layout and Images

Upon completion of your purchase, you will collect the following items:

  • Measurements of your room, ceiling to floor and each wall indicating any windows, doors or built-in features.

  • Notes about your taste, your likes and dislikes and the ways the room is going to be used, i.e., "This is an office that sometimes doubles as a guest room" or "Our living room needs to accommodate a crowd because we love to entertain."

  • Digital photos of the room(s) from every relevant angle plus an image or two of your home's exterior (feel free to include a shot of you and/or your family and definitely any pets!).

  • Inspiration: anything you've seen that you've loved. Magazine tear sheets, Pinterest Boards, photos of a friend’s place, the website of a favorite hotel or destination--the more information you provide, the better we'll be able to interpret your taste, and the better your design will be.


Types of Spaces

Choose your Room



What you'll receive…

  • A scaled furniture plan, fabric swatches and paint chips plus detailed information about the specific pieces selected for your project.

  • Samples of any building materials, like tile and cabinet hardware, that may go with your design.

  • A couple of options for bigger furniture pieces (and we’ll happily send some alternate ideas after the fact if any piece in the initial design isn't working for you).

  • You'll have your Room by Design package within 6 weeks of ordering; if there's a waitlist for Room by Design Instant, we'll let you know in advance what the wait will be (typically a week or two at the most).

  • A customized package that will include furniture floor plan, colour palette fabric swatches, paint swatches and shopping list in your own Casey Design Binder that you can take with you as you work through the process of completing your room.